Denise Blievert is a trained fashion designer and has been living and working in New York from 1993 to 2002 where she has worked as a designer and fashion stylist in the film-, music- and fashion industry. She holds a master's degree in Fine Arts and a master's degree in Political Science but her love and passion for photography has led her to work as a documentary photographer with different NGO's and humanitarian teams in order to document their work in the field.
Denise Blievert has two children and currently lives in Austria.


Denise Blievert has been working as a photographer on assignments as well as social and cultural events such as the Millenium World Peace Summit (UN, New York 2000) and the annual Gandhi-King Award for Nonviolence, where she has also served as a member of the Taskforce for the World Movement for Nonviolence from 1999 - 2001.

She has worked as a mission coordinator for Airline Ambassadors International from 1999 - 2003, assisting with organization and logistics of humanitarian missions to different countries. From 1995 - 2002 Denise Blievert has served as a public speaker and photographer for UNICEF in New York.


Photo Exhibit "Human Effort" United Nations, Vienna 2005
Photo Exhibit "Human Effort" OSCE, Hofburg, Vienna 2006